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March 9, 2023

Houses available in Wade Hampton

By Inkar Gazizoff

Are you thinking of moving to Wade Hampton? Then this article will help you know the best properties on the site. But before that, let’s learn more about the place.

Wade Hampton is a small town in Greenville County. And the city is named after the Governor of South Carolina.

Wade Hampton was an American Civil war general.

You can contact the broker there for a better home search. Or you can go through a website and tell them what type of house you want to buy. can give adequate knowledge about the homes available.

But enough of the facts.

Let’s take you to best of the properties

30 Ashburne Place – This place has many single-family residential homes. The range varies from 4 bedroom to a two-bedroom house. You can choose depending on your preference. These single-family houses have two car parking spaces. They have a modern architectural style for people who prefer a contemporary approach to their homes.

701 Botany Road – Botany Road consists of huge bungalows you can buy for a big family. These bungalows are best fit for families that have 8 to 9 people. And have a large garden out the front where you can relax. You can build a dog kennel there for your canines. The whole area is 1 acre. And is of enough space to carry out all kinds of recreational activities.

405 W Warehouse Centre – This is an ideal place to search for average-sized homes. It consists of humble homes having 2-bedroom sets. If you are a middle-class family looking for a better house solution, this place can be your choice. You will get a furnished home with a small porch out the front and a lawn. The houses here are well maintained. So you don’t have to think about making extra repairs. For more knowledge, search for, and you will get a good idea.

These places are well-established and near commutable locations.

So, Whatever your choice, you will never regret buying a home in these places.