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November 22, 2022

Selling A House With A Real Estate Agency: Advantages And Limits

By Inkar Gazizoff

Most people go through a real estate agency for the sale of a house or apartment. It must be said that going through a real estate agency is the least restrictive solution for selling real estate. But keep in mind that selling with an agency has both benefits and limitations. So, if you have to sell a property with a real estate agent, this is what we will see together …

The role of a real estate agent when selling a home

In Italy, real estate agents do not enjoy good sympathy, because the public does not always understand why their commission is so high. Still, selling a house is a long-term job that requires a lot of availability

In particular, the role of a real estate agency in the sale of a property is multiple and the agent must in turn:

Estimate the price of your property : the real estate agent is based on several criteria such as the geographical location of your property, its area, the number of rooms, the presence of a garage, swimming pool or garden and the energy class.

Write the real estate ad : Write a text that highlights the qualities of your property, then can add photos (taken by him) to accompany the text.

Spreading the offer: the real estate agency takes care of putting the ad on its window, but also on the Internet. He uses his network to spread the announcement widely.

Respond to contacts: a real estate agency will also receive emails and phone calls relating to the real estate announcement and will organize the schedule of visits.

Manage visits: the real estate agency also manages visits. The real estate agent praises the strengths of your home and answers buyers’ questions, presenting the home in its best light.

Negotiating the sale with the buyer: Directly in contact with the buyers, the agent is in charge of negotiating the price with him and making sure that the house is sold at the desired price.

Taking care of the administrative formalities : finally, the real estate agency takes care of drafting the various contracts and the sales agreement and accompanies you throughout the sale, so that this takes place as soon as possible.